Education Needs

How we know if a child has special educational needs

Before children start at our school, we invite parents in to meet with the Principal. We ask parents to let us know if their child has a SEN so that they can meet and discuss this and make sure the right support is in place for their child.


In order to make sure that any Special educational needs not known about before starting school are identified, all pupils are assessed in an informal manner during the first four weeks at school. We look closely at children’s speech, language and communication skills and the parent is informed.


Children’s progress throughout school is closely monitored through our monthly and termly assessment and monitoring procedures, so that any Special needs that may become apparent later are identified.

How we adapt our teaching for childern with SEN

Children with SEN are taught alongside other children in their class, however lessons are designed so that all children in the class learn and make progress. We do this by planning Quality First teaching - ‘differentiated’ lessons, in which children are able to work towards different learning goals within the lesson, or are provided with extra resources to support their learning. Every class teacher plans, monitors and provides support for pupils within their class including children with SEN. Additional teachers and/or teaching assistants may provide individually targeted interventions beyond normal class lessons. If necessary, a child with SEN may be supported with 1:1 adult support, and their timetable personalized further.