Timings Normal Days

The School Day

Our morning starts bright and early with our gates opening at 6:30am and classroom doors opening at 7:00am. It allows the Play School, Primary and Secondary students to get into school and be ready to start learning before officially the school begins at 8:00am and 8.30 am. This is when the Staff will take the attendance register.


Once everyone is in class and settled, we close the gates. After 9:00am entry to our school is only with permission. This gate is accessed via a buzzer entry system for security and safeguarding purposes. Staff of School Bus Play School and Darwin College are always on duty first thing in the morning to support with any questions or queries.


It is important for children to feel part of the class routines in the morning and it can be very unsettling for a child to arrive part way through registration, a lesson or an activity that has started. So we ask that all parents and carers make every effort to ensure their children are at school in good time.

Timings Of Normal Day

School day begins at 8.30 am and finishes by 11.30 am.If you would like your child to stay longer, we have our school Daycare facility from 1pm until 4.30pm.

If you are interested in the daycare, please contact the school office for costs and availability.

School Starts at 8.30 am and finished by 11.30 am.