Safety Message

The four factors which we have done to ensure the safety of the students and school are as follows

Psychosocial Safety

Just as the physical safety of the children in school is important, so is their psychosocial safety. We have taken the following precautionary measures

  • Installing CCTV cameras at every strategic location across the school premises to constantly monitor the child’s day-to-day life.
  • The staff is trained to understand key indicators of child abuse so that they are prepared to respond immediately to inappropriate or harmful behavior.
  • The staff is trained on First Aid by the Red Cross in Sri Lanka for medical emergencies.
Physical Safety

We have made sure that the school building, premises, and surroundings are safe and secure.

Background verification of staff

When we hire teachers and other staff we conduct a pre-employment background check for student safety as this helps in screening people who come in contact with students.

Visitor Management

A visitor signs–in information book is maintained with their ID information and the purpose of their visit.

As children spend a substantial part of their stay in school we make sure that the ambiance in school remains positive and nurturing and the student feels safe and secure among their teachers.

Finally, it is our responsibility to ensure that our students feel safe and welcomed and have a trusting relationship with their teachers in school. We will also ensure that they understand the academic and behavioral expectations clearly and they have access to counseling when required.